NEW ! Dene Fonts Version 2 for Windows 9x, NT, 2000, and XP

This new version of the Keyman program greatly simplifies installation of the Dene Fonts system.
One self-extracting archive,
DeneFonts112.exe will install all the components (Keyman application, Dene True Type Fonts, and Dene Keyboard layouts and documentation) automatically.

This new archive also contains two additional font families especially designed for primary grade applications. The lower case letter "a" is the one children are taught when they first begin printing.

Click here for Dene Fonts Version 2

Here Are The Older Download Files for Windows 3.1 and Mac
Updated files for Macintosh OS 8 and later have been added

Windows 3.1 Files
PDF Keystrokes Chart
Macintosh Files

WinMac Dene Fonts for Windows 3.1, and 3.11
NOT compatible with Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

Download entire WinMac Dene Font System for Windows 1.04 Mb

Download Windows fonts only (includes mnimal documentation) 377 Kb

Download Windows keyboard utility only (includes RTF readme) 653 Kb

Documentation only

NEW Adobe Acrobat Keystrokes document (included with New release) 106Kb PDF format
Embedded Dene font allows this chart to display and print on any computer or operating system, even if Dene fonts are not installed on your computer.
KeyCaps graphic 6Kb PDF format

You will need the free Acrobat Reader to open these new PDF documents.

MS Word format charts - not included with other downloads

Word 6 Table for Windows 25Kb uncompressed

Word 5.1 Table for Macintosh 9Kb stuffed

NEW - for Mac OS 8 and later - Updated September 2002

Here is a newer Font and Keyboard manager archive for Mac OS 8.5 to 9.2
This contains SILKey 1.2 and some interim PostScript fonts. Watch this page for
a more complete set of PostScript fonts coming soon.
This archive does not contain documentation but installation is the same as
the previous version. Download documentation below if needed.

Mac OS X - updated September 2005
SILKey is a classic application. It will run under OS X but in the classic environment, and it seems to interact only with other classic applications.
Email me
email for an OS X keyboard resouce for native OSX applications.


(OLD) WinMac Dene Fonts for Macintosh (Operating System 7 to 8.1)
Download entire WinMac Dene Font System for Macintosh 812 Kb

Documentation only archive 27 Kb

Plain Text Documentation 7 Kb

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