NEW ! Dene Fonts Version 2 for Windows 9x, NT, & 2000 - and Now also XP
updated September 2002

Click here to download now 1095Kb
Click here to view or download the simple installation instruction 3Kb text file

Notice to Windows XP users - the glitch is fixed.
Download the new "
denefonts112.exe" file to use Dene Fonts with Windows XP.


Who needs this new release?

 Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP users need the newer Keyman 5.0. The older version of Keyman 3.2 is incompatible with these operating systems

 I highly recommend this release as well for Windows 95 or 98 users because of its ease of installation and the additional fonts included.

What is different in the new release?

 One self-extracting archive, DeneFonts.exe will install all the components
- Keyman application, Dene True Type Fonts, Dene Keyboard layouts and documentation -
automatically and make them available from the start menu.
 This new archive also contains two additional font families especially designed for primary grade applications. The lower case letter "a" is the one children are taught when they first begin printing. At this time these fonts are not available as a separate download
 The Keystrokes Chart and KeyCaps documents are included in the archive in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). These charts and graphics can be viewed or printed on any computer, even if the fonts are not installed. They can also be downloaded separately.
 Keyman 5.0 is better integrated with the Windows environment.
The Dene keyboard icon appears in the system tray (beside the clock) instead of on the application title bar where some applications cover it.

Are there any reasons NOT to install the new release?

 Government and commercial users must register with Tavultesoft and pay $30 US after a 30 day evaluation period. Private non-commercial and Educational users may use Keyman 5.0 free of charge.
 If everything is working well with your present system you may not want to bother with downloading again. However I have both the old and the new system installed on my Windows 98 computer without conflicts.
 Keyman 5.0 does not work with Windows 3.1 or 3.11. Use Keyman 3.2 with these older operating systems.
 Macintosh users will need to use SILKey. Mac OS 8 and later users should download Silkey - Version 1.2 and the interim PostScript fonts

Click here to view or download the simple installation instruction
Click here to download DeneFonts version 2 now 1095Kb

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