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Windows Files
Keystrokes Chart
Macintosh Files

WinMac Dene Fonts for Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, & NT

Download entire WinMac Dene Font System for Windows 1.04 Mb

Download Windows fonts only (includes mnimal documentation) 377 Kb

Download Windows keyboard utility only (includes RTF readme) 653 Kb

Documentation only

Keystroke charts - how to type Dene Characters using Keyman keyboard layouts
- Late addition, - not included with other downloads
- Sorry, you'll have to download it separately

Word 6 Table for Windows 25Kb uncompressed

Word 5.1 Table for Macintosh 9Kb stuffed

Haven't got Word? Email <> for a printout.
Be sure to include your snailmail address.

WinMac Dene Fonts for Macintosh (System 7 or later)

Download entire WinMac Dene Font System for Macintosh 812 Kb

Click here to download fonts only (includes documentation) 503 Kb

Click here to download keyboard utility only (includes documentation) 307 Kb

Documentation only archive 27 Kb

Plain Text Documentation 7 Kb

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