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News Bulletin:

Copies of the Dogrib New Testament are now available for $15 each. Email Jim Stauffer <xjimst@ssimicro.com>to find out where you can purchase a copy.

The dedication ceremony for the Dogrib New Testament was held on August 23, 2003. The school Gymnasium was packed nearly to its 400 seat capacity. Delegates from all the Dogrib communities attended. Also visiting were representatives from Wycliffe Canada, SIL International, the Canadian Bible Society and others who had supported the translation project, as well as former Wycliffe translators Herb & Judy Zimmerman, Constance Naish & Gillian Storey, and Vic & Anita Monus. After the ceremony copies of the New Testament were given to all who requested them.
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The Wycliffe.ca web features interviews with Dogrib translators

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Downloadable Text

A sample of electronic text (PDF) from the Dogrib New Testament translation is being offered as a trial to see how much interest there is in having the entire New Testament available on-line.

To request a sample of your favourite New Testament text, please send your request by email to Jim Stauffer <xjimst@ssimicro.com> with the subject line "Dogrib NT sample".


Click here to download Jesus' Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew

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Audio CD

You can purchase Dogrib Language Audio CDs and Audio Cassette Tapes of parts of the Dogrib New Testament at the Eternal Rock Bookstore in Yellowknife.

So far The Gospel of Matthew, Acts, Colossians & 1 John, and Revelation are available, as well as a collection of stories of Jesus. These recordings are based on earlier versions of the Dogrib translation.

If you live outside of Yellowknife, contact Jim Stauffer by email or phone 867-573-3251 for information on Dogrib Audio materials.

Recordings the entire New Testament in Dogrib as published by the Canadian Bible Society will eventually be available to aid those who want to read along.

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